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Terminal modules (KM)

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    Beckhoff Beckhoff KM4602 analoge Ausgangsklemme

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The terminal modules from Beckhoff (KM) are a variety of compact electronic assemblies used in automation technology. They serve as interfaces between sensors/actuators and the control unit.

The terminal modules are characterized by their simple handling and flexible adaptability. They can be easily integrated into the Beckhoff I/O system and offer a high number of different input and output signals.

The KM modules offer a wide range of functions, such as digital inputs and outputs, analog inputs and outputs, real-time clock, counters and timers. They can also be used for special applications, such as temperature or weight measurement.

The terminal modules are usually powered by a 24-volt DC supply and provide fast and reliable signal processing. They can be mounted on a DIN rail or plugged directly onto a control unit.

The KM modules are easy to configure and program. With the corresponding Beckhoff software, the modules can be individually adapted and the desired functions can be set.

Overall, the Beckhoff terminal modules offer a reliable and flexible solution for the connection of sensors and actuators in automation technology. They are an important component in Beckhoff's wide range of automation products.


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